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April 2009:
Congratulations to MatrexAfrica, who have been awarded the International Arch of Europe Award in the Platinum category for quality and innovative technology with regards to road repair products.


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Questions and Answers

Q. How do I repair a pothole?
A. It is recommended that the edges of a pothole be squared off to create a surface for Matrex® to bond to. Remove all loose debris then simply fill the area to be repaired with Matrex® to a height of 20mm above the required level. Compact down to the required level. In the case of a hand stamper being used to compact, leaving a slight dome ensures that the product will self level.

Q. Do I need special tools?
A. Very basic tooling for application is required such as a broom, spade and hand tamper for small repairs and a plate or vibrating roller compactor for larger repairs.

Q. Do I need to apply a tack coat prior to installation?
A. No. Matrex® is self priming and therefore does not require any form of tack coat.

Q. How long after applying Matrex® can the road be opened to traffic?
A. Matrex® is ready for traffic immediately after the pothole has been repaired.

Q. Can Matrex® be used in wet weather?
A. The product is workable in any weather condition and can be applied even if the area to be repaired is full of water. This is exceptionally beneficial as most road damage occurs during or immediately after rain. Base must however be stabilised.

Q. Who can do these repairs?
A. The skills level required to effect a permanent repair is very basic, thus creating employment opportunities for unskilled labour.

Q. What is the shelf life of Matrex®?
A. The product can be stored for long periods of time and in any weather condition in an unpackaged or bagged form.

Q. What are the main features of Matrex®?